FEMA Flood Insurance

1/13/2017 - Town Accepted into FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System: Flood Insurance Policy Holders to Save Total of $433,000 Annually

More info:  http://www.fairfieldct.org/news/?FeedID=1207  

Flood & Erosion

The Flood & Erosion Control Board (FECB) held a series of Public Meetings to discuss the Coast Flood Mitigation Plan that was presented to Fairfield's Board of Selectmen on January 8, 2015. 
A copy of the FECB Plan can be found at www.fairfieldct.org/fecb under Files & Documents. An archived video of the presentation to the Board of Selectmen on 1/8/2015 can be found at www.fairtv.com (1:14 to 2:27).

The Town Flood and Erosion Board have been working diligently to acquire and secure the necessary preventive flood measures and the FBRA is happy to report the success of their efforts.

​Storm Preparedness 

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Review Town of Fairfield Department of Emergency Management attached 

Penfield Reef

The reef is dangerous - please be mindful of tides while enjoying the reef!

Sluice Gates

The Sluice Gate for the marsh in the area of 1144 Fairfield Beach Road is in storage at the Town Garage and will be installed by Public Works as soon as weather permits.
The other area for scheduled installation of gates has received a $560,000 grant for the "unit of 4" and is presently in the "engineering stage” with a "Required" FINISH date of July 2016.

Beach Grass

Dune Beach Grass Can Help Restore Beachfront:
During the 1980’s the FBRA initiated a project with homeowners to develop a sand dune by planting sea grass in front of their beachfront homes.  The undertaking was successful and proved for many what it was intended – a safety barrier from storm driven water. This concept is believed to be a form of protection from storms and ultimately a tool in assisting with beach erosion. ​   Plants before planting:

Homeowners can develop a sand dune easily with posts, a snow fence and plantings. ​ After planting:

The best time to plant Cape Variety Beach Grass is October thru March.  Churches Garden Center ships October thru March.  It is recommended if you plant in October, and the weather continues to be warm, to wait until it turns colder. The two recommended fertilizing times are spring and fall, using 20-5-10 (#20 Nitrogen, #5 Phosphorus and #10 Potash), which promotes root growth. The 2012 season cost for the grass was .19 cents each which includes shipping.  It is recommended that you plant two stems it each hole.  The cost for a 1000 plants is $190.00; when an order reaches 10,000 a discount will be applied.  A new form of planting has been developed, allowing homeowners to plant after the recommended March deadline and can be planted in April and May.  It is a 2” by 2” plug which is more mature.  The cost is .64 cents each and does not include shipping which is determined by the size of the order. Another tip, if you have a bare spot in your dune you may successfully transplant plants from another part of your dune from October thru March. The snow fence can be found at Ring’s End Lumber in Norwalk. Cape Variety Beach Grass can be ordered from Church’s Garden Center, 522 Seashore Road, Cape May, New Jersey (Telephone 609-884-7738), also check out their web site: www.churchsbeachgrass.com 

FEMA Flood Insurance - Flood & Erosion 

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