Penfield Light


Fairfield Beach Residents Association


Penfield Lighthouse began serving mariners on January 16, 1874, when a machine-operated fog bell and a fourth-order Fresnel Lens exhibiting a flashing red light at a height of fifty-four feet were placed in operation.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy did a substantial amount of damage to Penfield Lighthouse with 30 foot waves and a 13 foot storm surge which pushed in the door panels and windows, ripped the built-in roof gutter, bent the metal railings, tore off shingles and damaged the solar panels. At the Fairfield Selectman’s Meeting in April 2014, a United States Coast Guard Officer presented an outline of proposed repairs.

The USCG office in Providence R.I. began repairs, including repointing the exterior granite, erecting a new railing and access ladder, repairing the roof and Lantern Room and cleaning the interior.

This picture was published in 1874: 


JULY 2015: Work is underway!