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CodeRED Community Notification

The Town of Fairfield has contracted with Emergency Communications Network to license a new and improved high-speed notification system, CodeRED, which replaces Reverse 911 and provides Fairfield officials with the ability to quickly deliver phone messages to targeted areas or to the entire Town in emergency situations.

All businesses should register, as well as all residents who aren't already in the system; have unlisted phone numbers; have changed their phone number or address within the past year; or who use a cellular phone or VIP phone as their primary number.

Click here to register with CodeRED  

Zero Tolerance

Click below for the Fairfield Police Department current Zero Tolerance letter for the Beach Area   ​ 

Town of Fairfield


​Police Dispatch: 203.254.4800
Health Department: 203.256.3020
Fairfield Citizen Request Form:


​From the Fairfield Parks & Recreation Rules & Regulations:
Section 14 - (a) Dogs or horses may enter beaches, open space areas, and marinas only under the following conditions:
(i) Dogs and horses accompanied by a person responsible for them shall be permitted to enter any town beach only during the period from October 1 to March 31. At all other times dogs and horses are forbidden to enter any town beach, including the parking areas for such beach. 
(ii) When permitted to be on a Town beach, dogs must be leashed at all times, except while on the premises of Jennings Beach only, dogs may be off leash provided they are under the control of the person responsible for them. Dogs shall be prohibited from Boardwalks, Pavilions and playgrounds. Persons responsible for dogs and horses must clean up after their animals while they are on the beach or in the parking areas. 
(iii) Leashed dogs may be permitted in the parking area of the Town Marina year-round. Leashed dogs may enter the dock area to enter or leave boats. Dogs in the dock area shall be the responsibility of the boat slip owner. 
(iv) No dog shall be permitted to roam at large in any park, playlot, beach, open space area or marina. No dog shall be permitted in any park or playlot at anytime. 
(v) Leashed dogs only are permitted in Ash Creek Open Space Area but not in the picnic area or play area. 


Fires on the beach are against the law - a permit is required.

Bonfires available at Jennings Beach from May 1 - Sept 30
Reservations for the season begin in March

Contact the Rec Dept at 203.256.3191 for reservations or information


​Seasonal and temporary parking permits issued annually by the Parks & Recreation Commission are required for entry to all Town beaches and marinas from Memorial Day Saturday to and including Labor Day, except Jennings Beach, which may require permits on weekends, starting with the first weekend in April through Labor Day.  For marinas, annual permits will be required from April 1 through the third weekend in November.  Obey Beach Permit Parking Only signs on beach area streets.

Rules of the Road

The speed limit in the beach area is 25 MPH - PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY

Walk and jog against the traffic, bike with the traffic