Fairfield Beach Residents Association

FBRA Accomplishments

*Sponsored the Disorderly Conduct/Recovery of Costs ordinance

*Supported the lawsuit against the Lantern Point Condominium Association.

*Demanded that Fairfield University take responsibility for its off-campus students, resulting in a significant reduction in student-related problems.​

*Monitored Town Board and Commission agendas for matters that concern our neighborhood.

​*Helped pass the open Alcoholic Beverage Container ordinance.

*Persuaded the Town to increase police patrolling in the Fairfield Beach area and enforce the Zero Tolerance policy.

​*Supported the extension of the sanitary sewer to the end of Fairfield Beach Road.

*Helped enact the state keg-tagging law.

​*Convinced the Police Commission to restrict overnight parking at Veteran’s Park.

​*Recruited 50 FBRA volunteers for the Fairfield Fireman’s 5K to raise money for local charities and organizations including the FBRA.

​*Pushed for sidewalks and traffic calming measures on Fairfield Beach Road.

*Planted streets trees to beautify our neighborhood.

​*Hired professionals to pick up litter from our streets on a quarterly basis.

*Encouraged and provided shoreline information, including the importance for shoreline residents to plant and create sand dunes.

*Requested Fairfield Police Department to update and issue policy for removal of cars blocking driveways.