Fairfield Beach Residents Association.


June 25, 2016

5K Race

Today at the Beach:

Our Misson

Board of Directors 2014-2015


Paige Herman, President, FBR
Joanne Landino, Vice President, FBR
Ilse Martin, Treasurer, College Place
Becky Bunnell, Secretary, FBR

Board Members:

Charles Abercrombie, Penfield Rd
Roy Friedman, FBR
Kathryn Strachan, Reef Rd
Donna Alatakis, Penfield Rd
George McCloskey, Eunice Ave
Jill Walker, FBR
Alyssa Israel, Rowland Rd
Bryan Cafferelli, College Place
David Zieff, FBR
Rick Grauer, FBR

William Perugini, FBR    
Carolyn Kamlet, Beach Road

September 2016

Annual Meeting

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Letter from the FBRA President

The FBRA was founded in 1955 to represent the interests of residents to maintain and improve our Fairfield Beach neighborhood, promote cooperation among owners, renters and visitors and represent the common

interests of the membership. 



June 2016

FBRA Social

Dear FBRA Member,

The Fairfield Beach Residents Association Board Members continue to provide time and energy to make our neighborhood better. We work with Town Officials on all fronts – Police, Fire, Public Works, Health Dept. and the Office of the First Selectman.

In our continued effort to make the Beach District safer, we are happy to report that new sidewalks have been installed on the south side of Fairfield Beach Road near Reef Road and on the south side of Fairfield Beach Road near the intersection of Beach Road.  The FBRA thanks the Town for both its recognition and perseverance with completion of these walkways.

The Flood and Erosion Board continue to seek new ideas to help alleviate flood issues.  The new sluice gate has been installed and additional ones are being sought.  You may reach out to the Flood and Erosion Board anytime to share your concerns.

Although some problems continue with Student Rentals, the successful co-operation with Town Officials and the University, “Clam Jam” was moved to a “public venue” and will be there for 2016.

The FBRA believes in the value of sand dunes; on October 31st members distributed a total of 10,000 American Beach Grass plants to shoreline residents. The Association also made an offer to members to pay 50% for the cost of one tree through the Tree Planting Program conducted by the Town of Fairfield. 

Sadly it appears that residents will not be able to utilize Penfield I for the 2016 Season.  Despite the frustration all of us feel with regard to this project we remain hopeful that the hard work by the Rebuilding Committee and the Town’s Public Works Dept. will render the best possible results soon.

On a brighter note the Penfield Lighthouse repairs are nearing completion.  United States Coast Guard Officials are hopeful that the new windows, doors, cupola, roof, railings, siding and interior remediation will be completed by the end of November (2015).  Additionally it is anticipated that the Federal Government will offer the Lighthouse for sale in the near future.

The success of the FBRA will remain strong with your commitment to stay involved and to ask neighbors to join us.  We will continue to address: beach erosion, activities of town government, litter and neighborhood safety.  Your membership dues pay for our street cleanups, plantings, insurance, mailings, fees, contributions and other expenses related to our work on behalf of the neighborhood.

Please take a moment and renew your membership (or join us) for the coming year and the help with the challenges we can confront together. 

Paige Palmer Herman, President FBRA​


Paige Palmer Herman

FBRA President