​      Board of Directors


Carolyn Kamlet, President Beach Rd
Bill Perugini, Vice President 
Donna Alatakis, Treasurer Penfield Rd

David Harris, Asst Treasurer Carlynn Dr
Becky Bunnell, Secretary 

Board Members:

Bryan Cafferelli College Place

Noelle Cleary ​FBR

Peter Collins Newton St

Roy Friedman FBR
Rick Grauer FBR

Joanne Landino FBR    
Candace Levine Reef Road

Ilse Martin College Place

Marc Papini FBR

David Zieff FBR

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The FBRA was founded in 1955 to represent the interests of residents to maintain and improve our Fairfield Beach neighborhood, promote cooperation among owners, renters and visitors and represent the common

interests of the membership. 


As many of you know, particularly those that live in the Fairfield Beach area, the recent 2020 property revaluation has resulted in a significant increase in assessments and taxes. The FBRA is actively engaged in a dialogue with the Town in order to further increase transparency in the process, and provide information on homeowners’ rights for remediation, if desired. Below is a letter from the FBRA to our First Selectwoman, Brenda Kupchick, followed by her response. We welcome feedback from all residents and hope that our efforts provide some valuable information. Please go to our Facebook page  as a forum to discuss these issues.
Fairfield Beach Residents Association


Fairfield Beach Residents Association

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​​2020 Annual Meeting click here for replay


         Thanks to our speakers!

Brenda Kupchick – First Selectwoman, Town of Fairfield
Emmeline Harrigan – Planning and Zoning, Assistant Director
Christopher Lyddy – Chief of Police, Town of Fairfield
Jennifer Anderson – Fairfield University VP, Marketing & Communications
Karen Donoghue – Fairfield University VP, Student Life


February 1, 2021  9:30am -12:00pm

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