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State of CT Gets $30m
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The Sandy Ground Project
Playground built at Penfield Beach

Relocating Sand Info From the DEEP

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Sandy Left a Toxic FootPrint
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    The Fairfield Beach Road Association (FBRA), founded in  1955, was incorporated in 1970 to foster the interests of Fairfield Beach Road residents. The goals of the FBRA as stated in its By-Laws are: to represent and implement the interests and desires of the membership in maintaining and improving Fairfield Beach, Fairfield, Connecticut, and vicinity; to promote cooperation among the owners and renters of property at Fairfield Beach; to represent the common interests of the membership in relation to governmental authorities and generally to provide for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment and the improvement of all such persons in connection with residing in the Fairfield beach area.

In 1998 The FBRA amended its by-laws to expand the geographic coverage of the association. The new name became the Fairfield Beach Residents Association and the membership now includes residents who live in the area encompassing the Old Post Road to Beach Road and Reef Road and all of Fairfield Beach Road.

A Letter From the FBRA President

Dear FBRA Member,

Without a doubt the entire FBRA Membership was affected in some way with Hurricane Sandy; for many the struggle and challenge to get back to some normalcy continues.  I hope that you all continue down that path successfully.

This hurricane considered by many and according to newspaper accounts, was the worst since the “Great Hurricane of 1938”.  As a member of the beach community, and I believe I speak for all of the FBRA membership, I would like to thank our Police, Fire, Health, Public Works Departments and the many who support the Town of Fairfield for the exemplary work each of them did before, during and after Hurricane Sandy.   

In the wake of this devastating storm it has left many with difficult decisions to make. Do you tear down and rebuild, tear down and sell, raise and repair, or repair and sell.  We are acutely aware of the cost, the guidelines that need to be adhered to and of course the never ending issues with FEMA and other insurances.

The FBRA has tried to keep you informed with information, from the Town and the Federal agencies, necessary to recover.  I am thankful for the help from FBRA members who too were and continue to be displaced from their homes.

Prior to the Hurricane the FBRA Erosion Committee continued pursuing methods and options to protect our shoreline.  We plan to share some ideas at the FBRA Annual Meeting next September. 

The success of the FBRA will continue with your commitment to stay involved – I hope that you will.  We will continue to address: beach erosion, activities of town government, litter and neighborhood safety.  Your membership dues pay for our litter cleanups, plantings, insurance, newsletter mailings, legal fees and other expenses related to our work on behalf of the neighborhood.

FBRA objectives 

  • Continue to work with Town, State and Federal Authorities to deter Beach Erosion.
  • Support Police presence and seek continued speeding enforcement.
  • Continue beach and street clean-ups.
  • Continue to work with all Town agencies regarding adherence to Town Ordinances and laws pertinent to the Beach Area.
  • Create fun and beneficial interactive community events

Thanks for your support

Paige Herman, President

Planting Sea Grass Can Help Restore Your Beachfront
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 Slow Down in Our Town Car Magnets

Magnets are available upon request.

Storm & Flood Emergency Number - 254-4899


Welcome Sign on Reef Rd


First Wednesday of every month - 7:30 pm

Annual Meetings - Every September

All dues paying members are encouraged to attend the annual meeting
held in September. Want to get on the agenda?
contact a Board Member

Board of Directors 2015


Paige Herman, President, FBR
Joanne Landino, Vice President, FBR
Ilse Martin, Treasurer, College Place
Becky Bunnell, Secretary, FBR

Board Members:

Charles Abercrombie, Past President, FBR
Roy Friedman, FBR
Kathryn Strachan, Reef Road
Donna Alatakis, Penfield Road
George McCloskey, Eunice Ave.
Roy King, Fairfield Beach Rd.
Jill Walker, FBR
Deanna Hoffman, Rowland Rd.
Jeff Levitt, Rowland Rd.
Alyssa Israel, Rowland Road
Bryan Cafferelli, College Place
David Zieff, FBR
Rick Grauer, FBR


Town of Fairfield;  www.FairfieldCT.org
State of CT: www.CT.gov


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Contact:     FBRA                           203.259.0747
                 PO Box 513
                 Fairfield, CT 06824


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