The neighborhood is cordially invited to attend the Fairfield Beach Resident Association (FBRA) Annual Meeting on Monday, September 17th, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Regional Fire Training Center, 205 Richard White Way (off of Reef Road opposite Veterans Park).  There is plenty of free parking.​ Refreshments will be served.

Tote delivery to new neighbors - Welcome to Fairfield Beach!

Letter from the FBRA President

Dear Neighbor,

Since 1955, the FBRA has played a critical role in addressing neighborhood concerns and providing a voice in town government. Below are the FBRA’s most recent accomplishments:

 -Installed plantings at the intersection of Fairfield Beach Road and Reef Road, and coordinated new sidewalks, curbs and handicap ramps with the Fairfield Department of Public Works.

    -Transformed a neglected area near the new Penfield Pavilion into a perennial garden.
 -Arranged and funded 4 street litter pickups per year.
 -Fought to keep a grant intended for flood control measures at Penfield Beach.
 -Purchased and worked with the Police Department to install a radar speed sign on Fairfield Beach Road.
 -Organized 50 volunteers to staff the Firefighters’ 5K race which raises money for charities.
 -Supported the plan to screen the Fire Training Center from neighborhood view.
 -Financed the lawsuit that resulted in restrictions on large crowds at Lantern Point Condominium Association, ultimately leading to a manageable student Clam Jam event at the Penfield Pavilion.
 -Successfully advocated for greater speeding and disorderly conduct enforcement.

A strong membership gives us the power to be heard by town officials as we continue to take action on challenges such as speeding, litter, flood control, beach erosion, partying and rental overcrowding.

Please renew or become a member at www.fbra.org or by mail. Your annual membership dues help pay for quarterly litter cleanups, plantings, insurance, legal fees and other expenses related to our work on behalf of the neighborhood.

Thank you for your support! Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. 

Sincerely yours,
Chuck Abercrombie
FBRA President


Today at the Beach:

The FBRA was founded in 1955 to represent the interests of residents to maintain and improve our Fairfield Beach neighborhood, promote cooperation among owners, renters and visitors and represent the common

interests of the membership. 


Our Misson

Fairfield Beach Residents Association.


Board of Directors


Charles Abercrombie, President, Penfield Rd
Joanne Landino, Vice President, FBR
Ilse Martin, Treasurer, College Place
Becky Bunnell, Secretary, FBR

Board Members:

Paige Herman, FBR
Roy Friedman, FBR
Donna Alatakis, Penfield Rd
Jill Walker, FBR
Alyssa Israel, Rowland Rd
Bryan Cafferelli, College Place
David Zieff, FBR
Rick Grauer, FBR

William Perugini, FBR    
Carolyn Kamlet, Beach Road

​Mary Ellen Keresey, FBR

David Harris, Carlynn Dr


Sept 17, 2018

Annual Meeting

Upcoming Events

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