Letter from the FBRA President

Dear Neighbor,

Since 1955, the FBRA has played a critical role in addressing neighborhood concerns and providing a voice in town government.

FBRA is a member based organization and here to serve the needs of the beach area membership.  Each year when you send in your dues, everyone is asked which issues are most important for us all to work on. The areas below are those that tend to get the highest votes and where your board is proposing to focus its efforts in 2020. But we can’t do it without you.  Please take a look at the areas below and see where you feel you can contribute.  If you would like additional information or can serve on a committee, email us at FBRA06824@gmail.com.

-Neighbor relations including:  review of noise ordinance, litter and pedestrian traffic;

-Coastal environment including: nuisance flooding on roads and drainage, long term flood and erosion challenges, pile and contaminant monitoring and oversight;

-Safety measures in housing and “traffic calming” including:  expanding the boundary for limiting housing to four unrelated persons to the broader beach community, short term rentals to have the same 4-person occupancy rules and speeding on our streets.

FBRA will continue to work for the betterment of the beach community.  Residents can also go online FairfieldCT.org and on the right side of the page is a Citizen Service Request, click on it to seek service from town departments.

When concerns arise involving Fairfield students here is a link to file an off-campus incident report directly with the University:  Fairfield University

Thank you for your support! Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I can be reached at FBRA06824@gmail.com.

Sincerely yours,
Carolyn Kamlet
FBRA President


Today at the Beach:

The FBRA was founded in 1955 to represent the interests of residents to maintain and improve our Fairfield Beach neighborhood, promote cooperation among owners, renters and visitors and represent the common

interests of the membership. 


Our Mission

Tote delivery to new neighbors - Welcome to Fairfield Beach!

June 2020

FBRA Social

June 2020

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Sept 2020

Annual Meeting

Upcoming Events

Board of Directors


Carolyn Kamlet, President, Beach Rd
Bill Perugini, Vice President, FBR
Donna Alatakis, Treasurer, Penfield Rd

David Harris, Asst Treasurer, Carlynn Dr
Becky Bunnell, Secretary, FBR

Board Members:

Chuck Abercrombie, Ex officio, Penfield Rd

Bryan Cafferelli, College Place

Peter Collins, Newton St

Roy Friedman, FBR
Rick Grauer, FBR

Joanne Landino, FBR    
Candace Levine, Reef Road

Ilse Martin, College Place

​Marc Papini, FBR

David Zieff, FBR


The neighborhood is cordially invited to attend the Fairfield Beach Resident Association (FBRA) Annual Meeting each September at the Regional Fire Training Center, 205 Richard White Way (off of Reef Road opposite Veterans Park).  There is plenty of free parking.​ Refreshments are served.  Looking forward to meeting you!


Fairfield Beach Residents Association